The SCS Transition

The SCS Transition Pledge and Guarantee

We Guarantee…
~ To always treat the requirements of our clients as the primary focus of our efforts

~ To demonstrate our commitment to our customers through competent and consistent performance.

~ A personal touch Our pledge is to build long term mutually satisfying partnerships in which we and our clients share belief in a common vision

~ the best possible building maintenance services. To this end, we will constantly offer more than what our clients expect and we will always be sensitive to their definition of quality.



We Will…
~ Maintain readily accessible lines of communications

~ Listen carefully to our clients’ needs in order to accurately interpret them

~ Quickly respond with appropriate measures

~ Provide our market of management professionals with their best value, matching their  needs with leading edge management, technology and expertise



Service Evaluation
~ Conduct a thorough walk-through of property
~ Meet with management regarding expectations, various issues, pet peeves
~ Select supervision and crew for project
~ Schedule start of service
~ Provide management office with cleaning surveys for hand-out
~ Visit all tenants prior to start-up for introduction, service requirements and cleaning issues
~ Utilize returned surveys to reinforce requirements and issues
~ Survey previous log books to determine past requirements and issues
~ Set-up log book and service requirements
~ Survey current keying system – determine any changes and implement accordingly
~ Determine alarm codes and special procedures
~ Set-up order avenues with vendors
~ Order equipment, supplies and paper goods

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