Dallas Commercial Green Cleaning Companies

As we move into a new and innovative market, more companies are placing an importance on strengthening their green image to stay relevant and competitive. Choosing from the different Dallas commercial green cleaning companies can be confusing. Starlight Cleaning has a 28 year track record and can help your business in meeting this goal and further improving your green image. Starlight Cleaning Service is one of the premier commercial green cleaning companies in Dallas TX for many reasons. One example is that we utilize the finest quality products, many of which are environmentally friendly.
Below is the list of products that we currently use that are part of our comprehensive Green Cleaning Program:
- Glass cleaner
- Bathroom cleaner
- Floor cleaner
- Floor stripper
- Floor finish
- Hand cleaner
- General purpose cleaner
- Toilet tissue
- Towels and napkins
We choose our green products very carefully and ensure they meet a certain set of requirements, including:
- Low VOC
- Low toxicity
- Low odor
- Recyclable packaging
- Made from renewable resources
- Biodegradable
- Multiple uses
- Works in cold water
- Concentrates
- No carcinogens
When you are evaluating Dallas commercial green cleaning companies please consider Starlight Cleaning. We are experienced in helping our clients reach their full potential in terms of an environmentally friendly image, and we can even help you in achieving LEED-EB Certification. It’s important to know that all Dallas green cleaning companies are not the same. All you need to do is contact us, let us know what your goals are and we can explain how are services can help you reach them. At Starlight, we have the knowledge and experience in this niche of the industry, and we’re committed to helping our customers transform their businesses into the clean, sanitary and professionally enhanced locations they deserve to be, all while being conscious of the environment.
If you would like to get started and work with one of the top green commercial cleaning companies in Dallas it’s a simple process. It starts with contacting us so that we can prepare a customized quote based on the services you need and the size of your location. Our commercial green cleaning companies in Dallas TX provide the following services:
- Daily and nightly janitorial services
- Office cleaning
- Carpet cleaning
- Specialized floor care
Contact our Dallas commercial green cleaning companies to speak with our staff and get started with the very best professional cleaning services in North Texas.

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