Houston Nightly Commercial Janitorial Services

There’s no doubt that you want your facility to be sparkling clean each morning; it sets the stage for a new, productive workday. When you partner with Starlight Cleaning, you’ll get the best Houston nightly commercial janitorial service in South Texas. Our work is always detailed and precise, and we leave nothing to chance.
Our comprehensive nightly janitorial services in Houston TX will clean your workplace from top to bottom, including lobbies, bathrooms and entryways. When you choose the right janitorial service for your company, you can be proud of the workplace you create for employees, clients and tenants, and you will continue improving the image of your property or business.
Here are the Houston commercial janitorial services that are offered to our commercial clients:
- Daily and nightly janitorial services
- Carpet cleaning
- Specialized floor care
We also like to share information regarding our Green Cleaning Program, which focuses on using environmentally friendly products. When you choose a Houston nightly commercial janitorial service that uses these types of products, you can instantly improve your green image, something that is crucial to staying relevant in the industry. The green products that our nightly janitorial services in Houston TX offer include:
- Glass cleaner
- Bathroom cleaner
- General purpose cleaner
- Neutral floor and carpet cleaner
- Toilet tissue
- Towels and napkins
- Hand cleaners
- Floor finish
- Floor strippers
At Starlight Cleaning, we are proud of the fact that we offer these high-quality, eco-friendly products; we believe that it’s just one more way of showing how much we value our customers. In addition to our green products, our nightly commercial janitorial services in Houston use the finest quality equipment to get cleaning jobs done right the first time. Our services don’t just get your business clean; they enhance and protect your space as well.
To get started with our Houston janitorial services, request your quote today. We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you and offering the highest quality Houston nightly commercial janitorial service.

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