Houston Nightly Commercial Cleaning Services

Starlight Cleaning Service provides dependable Houston nightly commercial cleaning services to the South Texas area. We have been providing these services for hundreds of properties since 1984, giving us 28 years of experience in commercial cleaning services. We have learned a lot over the past two-plus decades, and we consistently apply this new information to our existing services, giving us an edge in the marketplace. Considering the fact that our company is already responsible for providing service to 6-1/2 million square feet of commercial space in Texas, we hope that will give you peace of mind when reaching out to us to discuss your cleaning needs.
Whether you choose daily or nightly cleaning services in Houston TX, you can expect the same consistent service. Our staff is professional and respectful, working quickly and efficiently to accomplish each task without disrupting your facility or space. Some of our most common clients include the following:
- Schools
- Medical facilities
- Office buildings
- Industrial settings
- Construction sites
- Stadiums
- Hotels and lobbies
- Condominiums
- Apartments
Another important aspect to our company is that we know which types of cleaning methods to use on various surfaces. Some cleaning crews work quickly through their work, applying the same techniques to all surfaces. This is dangerous, however, as some cleaning methods can strip away at a particular surface, such as granite or marble, and ruin your investment. At Starlight Cleaning Service, our Houston nightly commercial cleaning services includes specialized care for sensitive flooring such as stone or hardwood.
Furthermore, we have green cleaning products that are used with our Houston commercial cleaning services and have:
- Low toxicity
- Low odors
- Low VOCs
- Recyclable packaging
- No carcinogens
At this time, our nightly cleaning services in Houston TX utilizes eco-friendly glass cleaner, general purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and floor cleaners for your safety and convenience. These products are just one more way of delivering value to our clients and protecting the environment and your facility at the same time.
See why our nightly commercial cleaning services in Houston are the top choice for property managers and business owners by requesting a quote for your location. We would like the opportunity to speak with you, learn about your cleaning service needs and show you how our Houston nightly commercial cleaning services can benefit you and your business.

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