Houston Commercial Janitorial Services

Houston commercial janitorial services may be just what you need to upgrade the image and impact of your commercial property. With the economy as challenging as it is, some business and property owners have cut back on core services that can make a real difference to their image and position in the market. In fact, many more business owners are realizing that prioritizing their facility and office space is one of the best investments they can make.
At Starlight Cleaning Service, we understand the unique needs of our business clients. In fact, we specialize solely in cleaning services for large businesses, so we have been able to perfect this particular niche in the industry. With this in mind, you can expect that our commercial janitorial services in Houston TX have the best cleaning products, the most advanced cleaning methods and a specialized team of cleaning technicians who will always treat your property with respect.
The bottom line is that our Houston janitorial services were developed with you as a business owner in mind. Whatever your needs or specialized requests, we are here for you. We not only strive to offer the very best cleaning services, but also we want to be the company that commercial clients can trust for the latest cleaning techniques and environmentally friendly products. There’s nothing better than knowing that the safest products are being used in your workplace. And as more companies work toward a greener image, having a green cleaning company is one more way to achieve this goal.
When choosing our green products, our Houston commercial janitorial services look for the following criteria:
- Low toxicity
- Low VOC
- Low odor
- More moderate pH
- Recyclable packaging
- Made from renewable resources
- No carcinogens
- Biodegradable
- Works in cold water
- Used in dilution control systems
At this time, we offer several environmentally friendly products, including glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and floor cleaner as well as green tissues, towels and napkins. Our commercial janitorial services in Houston TX will continue to work hard to find the safest products that respect the environment and the people at your workplace.
Don’t sell your business short when it comes to its cleanliness and maintenance. Instead, put your trust in our Houston commercial janitorial services and get the attention you deserve 100 percent of the time.

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