Houston Commercial Green Cleaning Companies

When choosing which of the Houston commercial green cleaning companies are right for your business, what are some of the factors that are important to you? Competitive pricing? High-quality workmanship? Timely performance and quick response times? Chances are, all of these factors are important to you, but it’s not that easy to find them all wrapped into one company. At Starlight Cleaning Service, we’re different. We have built our blue-chip reputation over the past 28 on these exact qualities. Competitive prices, a strong work ethic, on-time services and strong relationships with the clients we serve. We’re proud to say that we are one of the leading commercial green cleaning companies in Houston TX.
Another benefit Starlight offers when comparing Houston commercial green cleaning companies is that we use green cleaning products when possible. We understand that our business clients are looking for ways to enhance their green image and possibly even reach LEED-EB Certification. As one of the top commercial green cleaning companies in Houston TX it has always been a priority for us to use environmentally friendly products. They’re better for the environment and better for the workplace. At this time, we offer the following products in their green form:
- Glass cleaner
- Bathroom cleaner
- General purpose cleaner
- Floor and carpet cleaner
- Floor stripper and floor finish
- Toilet tissue
- Towels and napkins
- Hand cleaner
Other green commercial cleaning companies in Houston just use standard products. Not at Starlight Cleaning Service. We take the time to carefully select our products and ensure that they meet the following criteria:
- No carcinogens
- Low toxicity
- Low odor
- Low VOC
- Biodegradable
- Derived from renewable resources
- Recyclable packaging
- More moderate pH
- Concentrates
- Multiple uses
- Works in cold water
As part of our Green Cleaning Program, you can improve your green image and work toward LEED-EB Certification. These factors are crucial to staying relevant in today’s marketplace, and few other Houston green cleaning companies offer the level of service and detail that we do. After all, we don’t want to just clean your workplace; we want to be the people that you depend on for all of your cleaning and janitorial maintenance needs. Contact our Houston commercial green cleaning companies customer service department to learn more about our environmentally friendly products.

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