Houston Building Maintenance Cleaning

Are you a business owner or property manager? Then you must take the time to learn about what Houston building maintenance cleaning can do for you. Perhaps you already have a commercial cleaning company and are looking for a switch, or maybe you’re tired of using your own resources to care for the cleaning and maintenance of your business. Big or small, Starlight Cleaning Service is happy to work with all customers and expand our services across the South Texas area.
Starlight Cleaning has been in business since 1984, and since then, we have become responsible for over 6-1/2 million square feet of commercial space and are regarded as one of the premier Houston building cleaning services in the area. We have one of the best retention rates in the industry, so as our customer, you can expect the same high-quality, consistent service and excellent communication from our building maintenance cleaning in Houston TX services that our existing clients are already experiencing.
Our Houston building maintenance cleaning services provide the following amenities to commercial clients:
- Janitorial services
- Carpet cleaning
- Specialized floor care
Whether you choose a one-time or ongoing service, you’ll receive the same attentive customer service from our building maintenance cleaning in Houston TX. We know exactly what types of cleaning methods to use on which surfaces, including marble, granite or hardwood. We care for our customers’ properties as if they were our own, and one way we achieve this is by using environmentally friendly products. When providing our building cleaning in Houston TX services, we use the following products in their "green" form:
- Glass cleaner
- General purpose cleaner
- Bathroom cleaner
- Floor cleaner
- Carpet cleaner
- Hand cleaner
- Floor stripper
At Starlight Cleaning, our job is to not just clean your workplace but also to enhance and protect it. We use the finest quality equipment to handle this workload. (deletion of sentence that was here) We have a blue-chip reputation based on timely performance, high-quality workmanship and competitive pricing. See what our Houston building maintenance cleaning service can do for you by calling our Houston company today.

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